In Francesco Disappointed With the Appearance of Rome

In Francesco Disappointed With the Appearance of Rome

Roma coach Eusebio Di Fransesco admits that his team has complicated themselves, in the Champions League match against Qarabag Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

In the game, Roma managed to win 2-1 from Qarabag, but the coach felt that should, they can ensure their victory more quickly.

“After winning the victory, you certainly do not feel regret,” said the coach told reporters.

“When we were 2-0 up we should be able to perform better. But you must not forget, we have not won in the Champions League for a long time, and we are in an uncomfortable atmosphere. ”

“Every time Qarabag controls the ball, and attack, they always seem to get a chance. We should be able to control the ball better, and take risks. But Qarabag managed to appear in the Champions League, and it has proven their quality. ”

“We’re complicating ourselves. But it was all part of the process, last season, Roma were eliminated in the play-offs. Now, we got through to the group phase. “

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