In Francesco Disappointed With the Appearance of Rome

In Francesco Disappointed With the Appearance of Rome

Roma coach Eusebio Di Fransesco admits that his team has complicated themselves, in the Champions League match against Qarabag Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

In the game, Roma managed to win 2-1 from Qarabag, but the coach felt that should, they can ensure their victory more quickly.

“After winning the victory, you certainly do not feel regret,” said the coach told reporters.

“When we were 2-0 up we should be able to perform better. But you must not forget, we have not won in the Champions League for a long time, and we are in an uncomfortable atmosphere. ”

“Every time Qarabag controls the ball, and attack, they always seem to get a chance. We should be able to control the ball better, and take risks. But Qarabag managed to appear in the Champions League, and it has proven their quality. ”

“We’re complicating ourselves. But it was all part of the process, last season, Roma were eliminated in the play-offs. Now, we got through to the group phase. “

AC Milan star ready to move to Barcelona or Real Madrid

AC Milan star ready to move to Barcelona or Real Madrid

AC Milan attacking midfielder, Suso, did not rule out a return to Spain someday. Suso is ready to join Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Suso’s future with AC Milan still leaves a question mark. The 23-year-old has not renewed his contract with the Rossoneri in 2019.

The contract renewal negotiation has not reached an agreement until now. Suso is now trying to heat up for Milan to renew his contract soon.

“If the team that wants you is Real Madrid or Barcelona, you can not say no,” said the former Liverpool player as reported by Tribal Football.

Although ready to move to Barcelona or Real Madrid, Suso still prioritize extending the contract with Milan.

“However, AC Milan always says they do not want to sell me and I always say want to stay here,” said Suso.

Given: Van Dijk Recruit Failed, Klopp Should Have Plan B

Given: Van Dijk Recruit Failed, Klopp Should Have Plan B

Former Manchester City and Newcastle United keeper Shave Given said Jurgen Klopp should have had an alternative if there was no deal with Virgil Van Dijk.

During the opening of the transfer window last summer, the Southampton defender is in great demand by the Merseyside club where it is expected that if officially joining the defender could strengthen the defense of the club considering this season they will also play in the Champions League.

But surprisingly through the official website of his club at that time the Reds announced to no longer tease the player and although some believe it will happen a surprise ahead of closing but in fact Van Dijk persist and reportedly reluctant management of the release of his article is still very needed in St. Mary.

Even so, but Given who is now 41-year-old felt the coach should not be terrfokus with the Dutch national team retainer, but must have another alternative. The result Liverpool’s failure to bring quality defender then goalkeeper Simon Mignolet until the fifth week of the English League has conceded nine goals.

“You would be happy to think a club the size of Liverpool would have a Plan B,” Shay Given told the media.

“On the last day everything was clear about Van Dijk, it was very clear that he was not going to join.

“You think a club of that size, when they can not get him then there will be a plan B.

“But there should be another central defender in Europe that they are aiming or footballers in other continents that they can bring to the club.

“Even Jurgen Klopp says he feels disgusted when he concedes a goal-by-goal goal every week.”

Leicester Prepares New Contract for Gray

Leicester Prepares New Contract for Gray

Ahead against Huddersfield Town in St John Smith stadium. Craig Shakespeare confirmed Demarai Gray will soon reach a new contract deal Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

During the opening of the transfer market name retainer U-21 national team is mentioned will leave, because the lack of opportunity to play in the main squad last season.

But with certainty Craig calls the player his working life in the extended then certainly the former Birmingham City player in January will still be in the King Power stadium.

“The sooner the better for Demarai,” Craig Shakespeare told the media.

“We previously talked about Demarai as an integral part of what we have, what we build and hopefully we can put a contract in order to get him to sleep.”

AFF U-18 Cup, U-19 National Team Practice in the Department of Commerce

AFF U-18 Cup, U-19 National Team Practice in the Department of Commerce

Indonesia U-19 national team will hold an exercise at Padonmar Stadium, Yangon, on Monday (10/09/2017) at 16:00 local time.

This exercise is the final preparation for Egy Maulana Vikri and his friends before fighting Vietnam in the third match of the AFF U-18 Cup held at Thuwuna Stadium on Monday.

About half an hour before practice, is already present at the stadium. The stadium belongs to the old stadium because it was built since 1962.

In addition to the old, the stadium is fairly unique. Typically, stadiums are built in sports complexes. However, the stadium is the venue for various age competitions such as MNL Youth U-21 League Competition, MNL II Max Cement, and MNL Youth U-19 League Competition is located in the market area.

The streets around Padonmar Stadium, Yangon, Indonesia U-19 national team practice at AFF Cup U-18 Myanmar.

Do not be surprised if entering this stadium must queue when using the vehicle because the road is narrow. It’s a one-way street, on the left and right side of the vehicle parking lot.
The stadium also stands parallel to a row of shops, like a make-up shop on the left side and a DVD store. In front of it, there is a wide variety of typical Myanmar restaurants or restaurants that serve Korean food.

Despite being in the shopping district, the stadium atmosphere is not noisy, to the extent that a black crow’s voice can be heard.

Emery: Mbappe Ready to Live Contra Metz Debut

Emery: Mbappe Ready to Live Contra Metz Debut

The Paris Saint-Germain tactician Unai emery recently gave a hint to direct the club’s latest recruit, Kylian Mbappe, when his team played counter Metz on Friday.

Where, Mbappe officially diperkealkan to the public Parc de Princes in the middle of this week following his keadtangan of AS Monaco.

And this season, Mbappe actually had time to perform with Monaco in the opening of Ligue 1, but kemuduian exiled in the next three games siring process trasnfer trip to PSG.

“Mbappe is ready to play. He has been with us on Monday and Tuesday, but he has only been through light training since he has just returned with the French national team. He’s in good shape. That’s what we want, “Emery told local media.

Emery also explained if Mbappe could form a trio in the attack line with PSG Neymar and Edinson Cavani. Mbappe is most likely to be placed as the right striker.

Ozil Asks Arsenal Legend Mute

Ozil Asks Arsenal Legend Mute

Playmaker Arsenal, Mesut Ozil urged that the club legend that he defended immediately end the criticism of him Judi Bola Online.

After the Gunners swallowed two consecutive defeats each from Stoke City and Liverpool in English Premier League this summer some famous footballers claimed poor results due to the retainer of the German national team which is not very satisfactory appearance.

Even the 4-0 defeat of the Reds made Emmanuel Petit ask for Arsene Wenger to immediately sell it in the transfer market in January if its performance does not change.

Likewise the fans who question the quality of the players and feel unhappy, the article of the North London club did not show a good performance at the beginning of the season.

So a negative result in the early summer should make them scattered on the bottom of the standings and before the match counter Norway in the international game World Cup qualifying players who are strengthening the country’s request that the legends menyudahinya and even he asked that they give great support.

“Personally I have received a lot of criticism during my stay in London,” Mesut Ozil said in his Instagram.

“Where I am too expensive, too greedy, bad body language and less fighting. This is what people say about me. Some of these comments were made by those who did not recognize me, even made by ex-players who were both successful and unsuccessful while in club.

“Although criticism is something that should be handled and accepted by all football players, but I expect the legends to act like a legend.

“My advice from now on to former Gunners players is to stop talking about my exaggeration and start supporting!”

Sharp criticism that continues to flow for the 28-year-old player after Arsenal last season only finish in fifth place Premier League standings, which clearly makes them absent in the Champions League.

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a Buffon salah satu yang terbesar sepanjang masa – Casillas

Iker Casillas berlabel Gianluigi Buffon sebagai salah satu yang terbesar dari semua waktu menjelang Porto pertandingan Liga Champions melawan Juventus.

Ini akan menjadi pertempuran kiper veteran ketika Porto menyambut juara Italia Juventus untuk Estadio do Dragao untuk leg pertama 16 besar dasi mereka pada Rabu.

Internasional Italia Buffon membuat perjalanan ke bandar bola Portugal berusia 39 dan tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda melambat, dengan kontrak Juventus nya tidak akan berakhir sampai tahun depan.

Dan Casillas – yang dalam bentuk baik dirinya sebagai ia mencoba untuk mendapatkan Spanyol recall – tertimbun memuji Buffon.

“. Saya cukup beruntung untuk berada tiga tahun lebih muda dari Gigi saya 14 ketika saya mulai dan dia 18, saya bisa melihat dan menghargai gaya dan kepribadiannya,” kata 35-tahun mantan kiper Real Madrid UEFA. com.

“Seperti yang saya dibesarkan, aku melihat ke arahnya dan kemudian kami berkembang bersama-sama dan kami sudah karir yang sama. Kami berdua memenangkan banyak dan kita sudah sering bermain melawan satu sama lain.

“Saya pikir sepakbola Italia tidak akan memiliki kiper lain seperti dia.

“Di Eropa dan di seluruh dunia, dia dianggap sebagai salah satu yang terbaik sepanjang masa kita adalah sehat, persaingan positif:. Kami sangat menghargai satu sama lain dan bermain melawan dia selalu menyenangkan.

“Dia adalah pemain yang dikenal dan dikagumi di seluruh dunia dan ia adalah bagian dari sejarah permainan ini.”

Kejuaraan ulasan: Huddersfield dekat kesenjangan di Newcastle, Brighton

Kota Huddersfield menguat di atas dua courtesy Kejuaraan ini dari perubahan dramatis untuk menang 3-2 di sisi bawah Rotherham United.

Tommy Smith mencetak gol pada menit ke-92 untuk memberikan sisi David Wagner tiga poin melawan saingan Yorkshire mereka, menempatkan mereka dalam waktu empat dari tempat promosi otomatis.

Huddersfield mampu menutup kesenjangan setelah para pemimpin Newcastle United ditahan imbang 2-2 di Norwich City, sementara pertandingan rumah Brighton dan Hove Albion melawan Ipswich Town berakhir 1-1.

Pada matchday tujuan-diisi, perubahan yang terlambat untuk Reading melihat mereka mengalahkan Brentford 3-2 untuk tetap berhubungan dengan tiga, tetapi mereka telah memainkan pertandingan tambahan.